A maths qualification can open doors - but where do you begin?

We can help you achieve your maths qualifications...

If it’s been a while since you did maths at school or you feel nervous around numbers, the thought of going into a classroom to get a maths qualification can be a scary one. Guess what! We offer flexible, friendly and fun maths workshops to take away the fear.

Our workshops can help you build your confidence with numbers. We also have courses to give you all the tools you need to gain qualifications, such as Functional Skills or GCSE.

Our relaxed approach explains maths by applying it to real life. For example, we might use a cake to get to grips with fractions, with the added bonus that you get to eat it! Maths isn’t just for textbooks – it’s all around us, and these courses use everyday situations to make it much easier to understand.

Start with the first step

You might be thinking that getting a maths qualification is impossible. It’s not! We can teach anyone maths, and all you need is the willingness to give it a go. Maybe you want to change career, or you’d like to go to university and need a maths GCSE to make it happen. Or you need it for work, so you can get onto that management programme. We can get you there!

We have learners from all backgrounds, and we pride ourselves on our small and supportive classes. With dedicated Learning Support Assistants, if you need any extra help – we’ve got you covered.

No-one is going to put you on the spot, and there’s no such thing as a silly question.

Starting a maths workshop with us is the first step to getting confident with numbers, getting back into study and making maths make sense.

Maths workshops snapshot:

  • Gain confidence with numbers
  • Study online / in our Somerset Centres / in the Community
  • Build study into your routine
  • Start anytime
  • Free*

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Getting qualified can be quicker than you think…

Once you’ve joined our workshops, you’ll see how learning with us is different from anything you’ve done before. We’ve got a range of flexible options for the next step, which is getting you qualified.

Functional Skills maths…

Maths can come across as a dry and boring subject. To give you the confidence you need to sort out your bills, budget, and even your kids’ homework, our courses make it a fun process. We give you everything you need to be able to use maths on a daily basis, in real life situations. With the course under your belt, you’ll make short work of calculations that might have confused you in the past. On top of that, you’ll tackle them without the fear and dread maths anxiety brings with it.

Some universities will take a pass in Functional Skills maths as an alternative to GCSE, opening more doors for you. You can find out more here Learn Direct blog post – How Functional Skills Can Help You Get Into University Remember it’s always best to check entry requirements directly with the organisation you want to study with.

Functional Skills Snapshot:

  • Level 1 and Level 2 options
  • Fast-track courses
  • Study online / in our Somerset Centres
  • Some universities will accept this as an alternative to GCSE maths
  • Start anytime
  • Free*

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GCSE maths…

Our maths GCSE courses are only nine months long and start every September. People sign up for plenty of different reasons. This year, we had people who wanted to get a maths GCSE so they could train as nurses, paramedics, teachers, and teaching assistants. We also had people who took maths courses so they could help their children with homework, climb the ladder at work, and some did it purely as a personal challenge. Whether you’re doing it for your kids, your work or yourself, we’ve got everything to help you pass.

On top of fun and relaxed weekly classes, you’ll also get plenty of one-to-one time with your tutor, who’ll work around what you need to succeed.

GCSE Snapshot:

  • 9 month fast-track course
  • Study online / in our Somerset centres
  • September start
  • Free*

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Any questions?

We understand you might feel worried about taking the next step. So, if you have any questions, our friendly team are available on 0330 332 7997, via Live Chat below or please use our contact us form. We’d love to be the difference in your life!

*Eligibility applies – see course pages for details

Our workshops are part of the Multiply Skills for Life campaign: Multiply – Skills for Life