A world full of child's play...

Here at SS&L, we recognise the benefits and importance of our staff’s professional development and training and the positive impact for both employees and us as an employer.

We encourage our workforce to improve their skills for both their current role and future career, to experience new ideas and innovations and keep their skills and knowledge up to date. In turn, this helps us maintain high standards and promotes best practice, improving employee retention and increasing motivation. Our Early Years team recently attended Nursery World 2022, a two day event with exhibitions, seminars and masterclasses.

What did they do?

The team experienced…

  • The essentials of best practice in a post-Covid world in a masterclass and the brand new Nursery World Debate
  • Expert-led seminars, self-regulation, loose parts play and assessment
  • Sessions from early years advocates in the Live Theatre
  • Exploring inspiring resources in the Early Years Resources and Learning Zone

What ideas did they bring back to work?

Our team would like to…

  • Use information from the Personal, Social & Emotional Development seminar, such as activities to de-stress children
  • Discuss the use of story sacks and puppets in literacy, language and communication
  • Discuss equality and diversity and how children are treated in an early years setting
  • Use various literary articles collected, to inform their practice
  • Signpost learners to different resources they may not have access to
  • Signpost learners to different activities they could implement that they may not be aware of, which is helpful for holistic development

What did they think of Nursery World?

“Attending the Nursery World show 2022 was a great experience, and the information and knowledge gained has enhanced my CPD, ensuring it is current for the sector. It has also provided me with some teaching ideas to support my learners.” Kirsty Lee, Early Years Course Lead

“What a fantastic weekend of CPD and team building! Nursery World 2022 was my first experience of the show, and it was terrific!” Amy Shah, Early Years Tutor

“At Nursery World I was able to attend live theatres where there were consultants and experts within the sector who talked about good practice related to specific areas.” Nicky Deady, Early Years Tutor

“It was really good to attend Nursery world 2022 as a childcare team. It gave us time together, and we had the opportunity to share good practices.” Sophie Sharpe, Early Years Tutor

“There were lots of displays and resources to look at, many bits of wooden furniture, play equipment and loose parts, along with books in other languages and training apps.” Amy Cooper, Early Years Tutor