Advanced learner loans make it possible...

You’ve found the perfect course for you on our website, but the cost makes it look like an impossible dream. Not so – with an advanced learner loan you can study the course you want and get the qualifications you need! Here’s the lowdown…

What is an advanced learner loan?

An advanced learner loan is available to you if you’re aged 19+ on the first day of your course and want to take qualfications from Level 3 – Level 6 at an approved training provider in England. A loan will give you access to funding to cover your course fees, as long as you’ve been living in the UK and have done so for the last 3 years.

What about my credit rating?

Applying for an advanced learner loan won’t effect your credit rating and your credit rating won’t be taken into account.

When do I have to pay the loan back?

You won’t have to start repaying the loan until you’re earning more than £27,295/year, regardless of how much you’ve borrowed.

What approved courses does SS&L have to offer?

We have a new range of courses starting this academic year (2021/2022) that you can fund with an advanced learner loan. We’ll be adding more to our range on a regular basis, so do check back here to see new opportunities. Currently we can offer you…

Level 3 Certificate in Support for Teaching & Learning in Schools (STLS)

Level 3 Diploma in Specialist Support for Teaching and Learning in Schools (STLS)

Level 3 Certificate in SEN

Level 3 Early Years Practitioner – diploma only

You can apply online for the course of your choice by clicking the link above.

What happens when I apply for my course?

Once you submit your application, one of our Customer Advisors will call you to discuss the funding options. You have the choice to take out an advanced learner loan or self-fund. If you decide you want to apply for a loan, we’ll support you with your application. You can also find out more here – Advanced Learner Loan: How to apply – GOV.UK

If you have any questions our friendly team are available on 0330 332 7997, via Live Chat below or use the contact us form.