Apprentice of the month – January 2023

Congratulations to Grace, our Apprentice of the Month for January!

Grace started her Apprenticeship journey with us in August 2022, as a Level 2 Customer Service Apprentice at Somerset Bridge Medical Centre, Bridgwater. She has an amazingly positive attitude towards her Apprenticeship programme. Grace loves learning new things and pushing herself outside her comfort zone. This attitude ensures she is developing and achieving, as well as being an extremely valued member of her team.

Grace isn’t fazed by contributing in lessons and is a role model to the whole class. She shows commitment, with 100% attendance. Grace embodies the customer service values – empathy, excellent interpersonal skills, willing to go above and beyond for customers!

Hollie, her tutor, comments, “Grace absolutely shines with positivity! She is willing to push herself outside of her comfort zone and learn new skills to aid her development and contribution to her working team. It’s always a pleasure to log on to our Zoom lesson and find out about all the wonderful things Grace has been learning at work since we last met. The wonderful team at Somerset Bridge provide excellent support. We all need more Graces in the world!”

Grace is enjoying every minute! “I’m so eager to learn new things that interest me. Having the opportunity to do this Apprenticeship with SS&L and Somerset Bridge Medical Centre is amazing. Everyone I work with and have lessons with are really great and I’m glad to share this opportunity with them.”

Grace’s employer says “It’s such an achievement that our Apprentice, Grace, is the Apprentice of the month for SS&L. We would like to congratulate and acknowledge her tremendous achievement!”

Well done to Grace and we wish her the best of luck and success with her future career!

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