Build maths confidence in your staff...

Maths plays an important part in daily life, both at work and at home. If you have employees who are being held back by the fear of numbers, who experience anxiety surrounding maths or lack confidence, we can take the worry away!

Maths forms the foundation for many job roles, in many industries, so building these skills could be the way to begin addressing any skills gaps in your workforce. Your business can benefit from increased productivity, greater profits and staff retention and loyalty.

What is maths anxiety?

Maths anxiety is a common negative emotional reaction to maths, that can cause a person’s mind to go blank, make them feel uncomfortable, helpless or panicked. It’s not linked to intelligence or ability – in fact, anxiety can mask real ability. A fear of numbers can lead to avoidance of everyday situations, and cause increased anxiety due to:

  • being under pressure and scared of being judged
  • negative experiences in the past, eg made to feel inferior for getting something wrong in school or work
  • being worried about getting things wrong or just not knowing the right answer

Anxiety can create a cycle of avoiding maths, losing confidence and skills, so avoiding maths even more, which can impact on your staff and business.

It’s not unusual!

There are so many people who feel the same! Number anxiety can affect an individual’s ability to progress at work, manage money, take part in hobbies, do DIY, help their children with homework and many more daily tasks, some of us take for granted.

What’s the solution?

We’re happy to run free* bespoke courses for your staff, with classes of any number, at a location to suit you. Just get in touch, let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll go from there! Plus we have a variety of free* courses already available on our website, to build maths confidence and skills. Our courses are creative, relaxed and we make learning fun and supportive. Our tutors have been carefully chosen to make sure they’re the right people for this role.

Lunch and Learn

No such thing as a free lunch? Think again! Our ‘Lunch and Learn’ offer means that your staff could be treated to a delicious buffet while they learn new skills in just 45 minutes. And the best part? We can deliver these sessions in your workplace. Our maths education experts can create sessions tailored to your business needs. Let us create a bespoke learning session for your team. Contact us on


You can also download our set of posters to print and display…

And our support doesn’t end there. When your staff are ready to progress we offer Functional Skills or GCSE maths too.

Any questions?

In the first instance, please complete the form below and submit to us. One of our team will then be in contact to answer any questions, discuss your requirements and make a plan. We look forward to hearing from you!

*Eligibility applies – see course pages for details
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