Can you make your money add up?

With the rising cost of living, there’s never been a better time to get on top of your maths skills with one of our FREE* courses…

Being able to calculate what money is coming in and going out can help you, and let you know what you need to pay your bills and do your shopping. Taking a Building Maths Confidence for Adults course with us will give you the tools to work out whether you’re living within your means. If you’re not, we’ll show you how to put together a realistic budget.

Like it or not, maths is everywhere. It’s part of your daily life from work, bills, and even the homework your children bring home. Having the tools to help yourself and give others a hand could be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Do you suffer from maths anxiety?

If you break out into a cold sweat as soon as you start to think about adding up, taking away, dividing, multiplying, and the dreaded fractions, you might be suffering from maths anxiety. Maths anxiety is a real thing and can show itself in a range of symptoms, including:

• Feeling panicky and stressed

• Not being able to focus on the sums or numbers

• Your heart rate speeding up

• Feeling sweaty and sick

• Avoiding anything to do with maths

It’s not unusual and we’re here to help you beat it!

Why do I fear maths?

The good news is that maths anxiety has nothing to do with your intelligence. Instead, it could be that you had a bad experience with maths at school, or you were made to feel stupid. Maybe you don’t feel comfortable working under pressure, such as in exam situations. Whatever the reason, our Building Maths Confidence for Adults course does exactly what it says on the tin. We can give you the skills to make sense of numbers and how to use them. This can reduce the feeling of fear you might get when you’re asked to deal with a maths problem.

Build your confidence with numbers

Maths can come across as a dry and boring subject. To give you the confidence you need to sort out your bills, budget, and even your kids’ homework, our courses are fun! Our tutors make maths relevant to everyday, real-life situations. With the course under your belt, you’ll quickly make short work of calculations that might have confused you in the past, and experience less fear and dread of numbers. Our free* courses run in a variety of locations – explore here…

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