Helping Hands...

Congratulations to Emma, for completing her volunteering day!

In a new initiative at SS&L, all staff are allowed to take two days a year to volunteer for another organisation.

Emma volunteered before Christmas at Share Shop in Frome. Here a ‘Library of Things’ are available to borrow, much like a library of books. This was initially set up by Edventure, but is now functioning as a separate charity.

Emma said, “It’s a fantastic feature on the high street and I use it myself. The manager Jess had requested support over the Christmas break to help with a big re-organisation of the shop items. My mum came along and helped out too, (that’s her with me in the photo!).

We helped fix items, smartened them up for borrowing and helped rearrange the inventory so it can be stored more efficiently. We were also involved in conversations around how the space could become more of a central space for the local community. I did manage to paint the manager’s cardigan with white paint, but my mum was able to clean it – oops – thank goodness for mums!”

Watch this space for more volunteering adventures!