GCSEs - How Did We Do?

Congratulations to all our learners who received their GCSE results today – you smashed it!

All of the SS&L team are so proud of you, especially Dave our English & maths lead. Here’s what he has to say about today’s grades…

Inspired to have a go yourself?

It’s never too late to learn and you can gain your English and maths GCSE qualifications in just 9 months with us, for free*, with courses starting this September.

Why choose us?

We know how important having an English and maths GCSE is, but we also understand that school is not easy for everyone and you may have left without the results you wanted. Our classes are small and flexible, with expert local tutors who want you to succeed. You’ll be supported throughout the course and receive individual feedback, to ensure you get the best result you can.

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what a recent GCSE student has to say, “Go for it. You won’t regret it. I have struggled with my mental health and the thought of being in a session with new people was a real issue for me. The way SS&L tutors are excited about their chosen subject, the smaller classes with adults who are all there for the same reason, is what made it different and work for me.” – Wes, English & maths 2022/23

How will I benefit?

English and maths are important and it’s impossible to go a day without needing these skills. They can give you independence, boost your confidence, increase your career choices, make your daily life easier and improve your general health and wellbeing. Your understanding of the world around you will definitely improve, so you can feel in control. Having a good understanding of English and maths is essential in most job roles, and will also enable you to transfer your skills to other areas of life, such as money management or helping your children with their homework. 

Can I learn with you?

You can learn with us regardless of where you live in the UK. as long as you’re aged 16+. Use our flow chart below to see how you’re eligible, and if you’re able to take a GCSE with us for free…

Where & how can I study?

We know how difficult it can be to find the time to study – that’s why we have plenty of options for you. You can choose to study in the daytime or evening, online or by attending one of our centres across Somerset. Whatever method you choose, you’ll be supported by one of our expert, local tutors and discover that learning can actually be fun! 

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What if I need more help?

If you’re not quite ready to study a GCSE yet, then why not consider taking a Functional Skills English or maths course first? These courses are also free and will help improve your skills and gain a nationally recognised qualification: City & Guilds Functional Skills English or maths at Entry Level, Level 1 or Level 2. Many Functional Skills students go on to study for GCSEs having gained confidence, knowledge and the belief that they can succeed. 

Can I speak to someone first?

We’re always here to support and advise you, so if you have any questions, please contact one of our team on 0330 332 7997, use Live Chat, social media or the contact us form

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Eligibility applies – see flow chart above.