Gintare - Graduate & Quality Manager

Graduate and Quality Manager (Saputo, Frome 2019)

Gintare works at Saputo Dairy UK in Frome. In 2017, she was sponsored by her employer to study for a Foundation Degree in Dairy Technology at Reaseheath College, Cheshire.

Gintare’s first language is Lithuanian and although her spoken English is reasonably good, she struggled during her first term to cope with writing her academic assignments.

We were approached by Saputo Dairy to provide some individual tutoring to improve Gintare’s English, particularly for academic purposes, to help her manage her academic progress. Gintare attended one hour per week for a total of 14 weeks in two blocks.

Gintare was taught how to structure her assignments, including report writing. She was encouraged to read magazines and journals relating to food and attend local agricultural/food festivals to learn more about farming and the dairy industry in the South West. All this increased her knowledge, understanding and vocabulary to assist her in her studies.

She was also introduced to the skills of critical reading and writing, which helped Gintare extend and deepen her understanding of topics around her degree studies.

Gintare became more confident in her spoken and written English at work and is now able to engage better with native English speakers.

As the result of all her hard work in applying what she has learned, Gintare completed her degree and graduated in November 2019, when she was also appointed at Quality Manager at Saputo.

Gintare’s tutor says, “She was a delightful and dedicated student, who continues to be keen to improve her understanding of work related topics. It was a privilege to work with her.”