Interview Success Guide – Part 1


How to succeed at your interview

This is Part 1 of our Interview Success Guide. It covers what you can do in the days before your interview to prepare yourself.

You are probably reading this Interview Success Guide because you have a forthcoming interview, which is great news and congratulations for getting this far! Interviews are nothing to be scared of, they are a great opportunity for you to meet potential employers and gain interview experience. Remember, they are interviewing you because they want to meet you, and you could well be the person they are looking for!

There are three parts to this guide and we recommend reading through each section thoroughly and ticking off the tasks as you complete them. You can also print these pages to keep for reference or complete on paper if you prefer by using the ‘Print this page’ button at the bottom of the page.

Good luck!

The Day Before


  • Read the job description one last time and make sure you fully understand it.
  • Research the employer and prepare notes.
  • Write down any questions you might have to take with you to the interview.

Tick when completed:


  • Check the employer location and ensure you know where you are going for your interview and how long it will take you to get there.
  • Plan If you have a Sat Nav, use this or print off directions from the internet for where your interview is being held.
  • Make a note of the employer telephone number so you can call ahead should you get lost!

Tick when completed:


  • Organise your interview outfit. Dress smartly and appropriately – even if you are attending an interview with a employer you know has a casual dress code.
  • Paperwork Make sure you have a copy of your notes, questions and even a copy of your CV or application to talk through in the interview.

Tick when completed:

Print this page to keep as a reference.