Interview Success Guide – Part 3

Part 3

Virtual meetings

Part 3 of our Interview Success Guide prepares you for an online interview. Digital interviews are a great way to meet employers and can be a little different from face to face.

As you read through this Interview Success Guide you can use the tick boxes to work through your preparation. You can also print this page to keep for reference or complete on paper if you prefer by using the ‘Print this page’ button below.

Remember, you have been invited to interview because they want to meet you!

Good luck!

The Digital Interview

Dress and Check

  • Ensure you still dress smartly and appropriately. You only get one chance to make a first impression.
  • Check Pay attention to small details such as: Does your shirt need ironing? All of these small details make a big difference.

Tick when completed:


  • Ensure you are in an environment where you won’t be disturbed.

Tick when completed:

No Clutter

  • Make sure the background of your video is clear of clutter.

Tick when completed:

No Background Noise

  • Ensure that there is no background noise that could disturb the call.

Tick when understood:

Arrive Early

  • Arrive to the Zoom / Skype call early so you can test your microphone and camera.

Tick when understood:


  • Be prepared just as you would be for a normal interview.

Tick when understood:

Technical Issues

  • If technical issues happen don’t worry! Just make the interviewer aware and try to fix them.

Tick when understood:

Remain Engaged

  • Remain engaged throughout the call (this can be done through nodding or sounds of agreement).

Tick when understood:


  • Thank everyone on the call for their time.

Tick when understood:


Interviews are nothing to be scared of. It is important that you and the employer get the best out of the interview. In preparation for an employer interview please read through all of this guidance and use the tick boxes to work through your preparation.

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Print this page to keep as a reference.

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