Learning at home

At SS&L we understand that some students are not always able to access computers or laptops at home, which can directly affect their ability to learn. We want to change this. That’s why we’ve purchased a set of laptops that are set up for student use at home and are available to borrow for those who might need one.

The new laptops are suitable for the use of basic internet, Microsoft Office and Zoom, helping students without access to IT to progress with their learning.

There is a limited number of laptops, therefore they will only be on loan to those students who are eligible, on a first come first served basis.*

If you are an SS&L student who could benefit from this to help you study at home, or you know of someone who is, please contact your tutor or call 0330 332 7997 to find out more.

*Students will need to sign a borrowing agreement form through an online signing system, accepting responsibility in case of the laptop being lost, damaged or stolen.