Meet Lorna - wellbeing is her passion!

On which courses are you a tutor?

I teach the Level 2 Counselling Skills course and both the Level 2 Awareness of Mental Health Problems & Level 3 Understanding Mental Health courses.

Why did you become a tutor?

I’m passionate about learning myself and enjoy teaching others the knowledge and skills to use and aid them in the future. I also enjoy witnessing and being a part of a person’s learning development, watching their self-confidence and competence grow after completion of their qualification or course.

What do you think is the most interesting aspect of the courses you deliver?

The courses are enjoyable and in a format that is easy to read and digest at a pace to suit yourself. The subjects are interesting in themselves and everyone could benefit from these courses, especially with the impact that coronavirus has had on a lot of people’s mental health recently.

What experiences of your own do you bring to the courses?

I’ve got many years of hands on experience caring and supporting clients with their mental health in the community. I’ve also been an assessor for the last six years teaching and assessing Health and Social Care apprenticeships and distance learning courses, that included a variety of mental health courses and units.

What do you love about working for Somerset Skills and Learning?

SS&L are very supportive, organised and passionate about learning and teaching, to ensure the most positive learner journey is always achieved for each of their students.

What advice would you give to anyone considering your courses?

The courses are enjoyable and you will gain a wealth of knowledge in both our counselling and mental health courses. If anyone’s suffered with their mental health, or knows someone that has, then these courses are a great way to improve your understanding, to relate to and support others, whether this be for family, friends or colleagues. Counselling skills is a great course, with no prior experience needed, to give you an interesting overview of counselling, and the skills, frameworks and theories that are used to get the best outcome for the person seeking support and advice.

If you were stuck in a lift with someone, who would it be and why?

It would have to be Kevin Hart so I would have some comedy to keep me entertained and distracted until the lift was fixed.

What is your most annoying habit?

Telling myself every Monday that I’m going to start eating really healthy and by midweek I’ve stocked up on chocolate and snacks!