Meet our Traineeship Ambassador!

We couldn’t be more proud and delighted to announce that Ashton has become our first ever Traineeship Ambassador! Ashton is no stranger to awards, already winning Trainee of the Year at the Grow Somerset Talent Awards and the Overcoming Barriers Award at the Somerset Education Business Partnership Awards, in 2020.

Ashton is now working at Little Stars Childminder in Taunton, after completing her Level 3 apprenticeship there. She began her journey as a trainee with Teddy Bear Nursery in Washford, where she gained the skills and confidence to succeed and progress onto an apprenticeship. Her new role is vital, drawing on her own experience, to promote the benefits of taking part in the traineeship programme for both employers and young people.

As part of her role, Ashton will be looking at ways to spread the word about traineeships and how they are an amazing way to get young people into apprenticeships, work or further study. She wants to raise awareness via career advisers, employers, parents, teachers and also young people.

Ashton really valued her work experience and the traineeship programme and says, “I wouldn’t be where I am now if it wasn’t for my traineeship. It was invaluable in improving my own skills in the work place, improving my confidence and letting an employer see what I can do.

Kate, Curriculum Lead for Traineeships at SS&L, says, “Ashton will be an amazing asset to our work in raising awareness of the wonderful traineeships that we offer. We have loved seeing her progress, both professionally and personally, and her enthusiasm for the programme will inspire others to do the same, showing employers that traineeships can help their business produce work ready employees for the future.

We look forward to seeing what Ashton does over the next year to promote traineeships in Somerset and the surrounding areas. Watch this space!

Inspired by Ashton? Visit our traineeship page for more information or contact one of our team on 0330 332 7997, use Live Chat or the contact us form and find out how we can help you take the next step. Plus, we’re always looking for employers willing to offer a work placement to a trainee, so if that’s you please get in touch to talk to Kate.