More reasons to take on new talent

Safeguarding the future of our young people, supporting them to gain qualifications, experience and employment is vital to the recovery of our economy.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative effect on many businesses, their employees and the next generation of school, college and university leavers. On a positive note, to help reverse this trend, the government has announced a range of financial incentives for employers who hire new apprentices and provide work placements for trainees.

Kathryn Baker, Deputy CEO at SS&L says,

I very much welcome the Chancellor’s announcements, which will support employers giving young people an opportunity to take up traineeships and apprenticeships. Furthermore, it is great to hear that the support will be extended to employers taking on apprentices who are 25 years and over. This additional funding will open up more opportunities for people to obtain valuable Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications.”

Incentive overview

For the first time ever, the government are offering employers £1,000 for each trainee they take on, and have changed the eligibility criteria to enable more young people to take part.

With regards to apprenticeships, in addition to the existing £1,000 already paid to employers hiring a new apprentice aged 16-18, there is now extra funding of up to £2,000. The apprentice incentive scheme applies to each new apprentice hired between 1 August 2020 to 31 March 2021.

Support for traineeships

Under the new incentives, the government will pay an employer

  • £1,000 for every work placement provided for a trainee

Traineeships are also now available to those with a qualification of Level 3 and below.

Taking someone on as a trainee, could lead to them becoming an apprentice. This could provide you with the additional resource you might need, the opportunity for mentoring within your business and would offer a young person the chance to gain valuable work experience and kick-start their career.

Learn more about what we offer, meet our sector team leader and hear the traineeship success stories on our traineeships page.

Support for apprenticeships

Apprentices bring fresh perspective and new skills to businesses, giving employers an opportunity to grow their own talent.

Under the new scheme, the government will pay an employer

  • £3,000 for every apprentice hired aged 16-18
  • £2,000 for every apprentice hired aged 19-24
  • £1,500 for every apprentice hired aged 25+

These new incentives provide even more reason to encourage fresh talent into your workplace.

Find out more about how apprenticeships can benefit your business and hear employer stories on our apprenticeship page.

Find out what funding is available for your business

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