More success with less stress

Do you feel stuck and frustrated trying to come up with ideas for a career change or what path to take? Don’t despair – by approaching things from a different direction, there are ways to find the work you love, that’s an expression of who you are. 

Think of the impact 

Put the idea of a career aside for a moment and, looking at the world around you, what impact or difference would you like to make? 

What’s at the core? 

Think about the things you’re drawn to. However disconnected they may seem, what do they have in common? What is at the core of those things? 

Your gifts and talents 

What gifts and talents do you have that you can share with other people? What are the things that you do brilliantly and naturally and how could you share those with people who need them? 

What next? 

By looking at these three areas which relate to real life, you will gain some insight into what your work life could consist of and what is right for you. Once you gain this clarity you may realise you need to improve your skills, undertake some training, gain qualifications or test the water in different work sectors, to see what inspires you. To help you, we’ve highlighted specific areas below that may help you move forward… 


Aged 16-24? Gain the skills, qualifications, knowledge and confidence to secure an apprenticeship, get into work, or prepare for further education with a traineeship. This includes paid work experience if you begin at traineeship on or before 31 March 2021. There’s nothing to stop you! Read more about our exciting path for trainees


If you’re aged 16 and over and looking for the chance to get hands-on experience, with on the job training whilst earning a salary, then an apprenticeship offers a great opportunity to build or develop your career. Learn more about apprenticeships or check out the current vacancies

Taster and Introduction Courses 

Not sure what’s right for you? Test the water first with our range of taster and introduction courses which include digital skills, business admin, customer service, teaching, childcare, health & social care and more. 


Browse our vast range of qualifications, from functional skills and GCSEs to Level 2 qualifications across five work sectors: 

Functional Skills  

Preparing for GCSEs 

Digital Skills 

Business & Customer Service 


Health & Social Care 

Mental Health

Leadership & Management 

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