Offering refugees a helping hand...


When refugees arrive in Somerset, we want to help provide a safe, hopeful and productive future for them.

There are certain free workshops and courses that we offer, to assist refugees to settle in to life in the UK, help counteract the upheaval they’re experiencing and give them tools to rebuild their lives. Whether it’s English lessons, health and wellbeing, employment skills or qualifications, we’re ready to help.

What do we offer?

English lessons, courses & qualifications

We can help anyone learn English! Starting with practical, easy conversational English, that makes daily life possible, right through to Functional Skills and GCSE qualifications. Being able to speak the language is a major barrier for any refugee and we want to help remove the feeling of social isolation.

Wellbeing support & mental health workshops

The life changing experiences refugees are faced with can have a significant affect on their mental health and wellbeing. Our wide range of workshops and courses help remove the barriers to accessing support and provide tools to promote recovery.

Employment skills for young people (16-24)

Finding work can be hugely challenging, especially for young refugees. We offer pre-apprenticeships (traineeships) and other courses to build confidence and skills in maths, English, digital skills, resilience and job support. Young people can gain work experience and essential qualifications to help find employment.

Qualifications + MORE!

We offer qualifications in English and maths from Functional Skills at Entry Level, Level 1 and Level 2, right through to GCSE. We also have many other courses available, including apprenticeships and business essentials to enhance current skills and knowledge.

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What documents are needed to access our free courses?

If you’re a refugee, we will need evidence of your immigration permission. This would include the biometric residence permit (BRP) and in some cases an accompanying letter from the Home Office. We are also able to support Asylum Seekers.

Do you work with refugees?

If you have a need for a specialised course in a particular area of Somerset, or would like a course delivered online, please do get in touch. Either email or call 0330 332 7997 and a member of our Customer Advice Team will be able to help.

Can you help teach English to refugees?

We’re always looking for people with the skills to teach English. We are currently advertising for freelance tutors who speak Pashto or Farsi to deliver English language courses. For more information visit Work For Us. We would also be very interested to hear from you if you can speak Ukranian and can teach English.

Want to help spread the word?

You can use the icons below to share on social, email, WhatsApp and more, or you can download our poster and share that.

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Whether you’re a refugee or supporting them, please do contact us to find out more about how we can help you, through our workshops and courses. Email or call 0330 332 7997. We look forward to hearing from you!