Our Winners - #NAW2023!

Part of National Apprenticeship Week is about celebrating some of our shining stars in the Apprenticeship world – both Pre-Apprentices (Trainees) and Apprentices!

We asked our tutors to nominate one student each for this award, each winner receiving a certificate and a £20 voucher in recognition of their hard work and achievements.

🥁 Drum roll please! Congratulations to…

🏅 Noah Lush


Noah’s motivation towards his studies is outstanding. He works extremely hard in all areas, after finding mainstream school didn’t work for him. Since starting his Traineeship programme, Noah’s confidence has greatly improved and he attends his work placement and learning weekly.

Noah is able to join in with group discussions, speak confidently, complete classroom work and make good relationships with his peers. Feedback from his placement is also excellent. Noah is working towards Level 2 maths, having achieved his English Level 1.

🏅 Zoe Thomas

Level 2 Early Years Practitioner

Since starting her Apprenticeship in August, (after leaving school), Zoe has really grown in confidence and has been working hard to build her knowledge and skills in Early Years. Zoe shares her experiences from her childcare setting with her colleagues in class, and always seems to come into training with a smile!

🏅 Emma Dent

Level 3 Teaching Assistant

Emma achieved a Level 2 Apprenticeship and is now ahead of target on the Level 3 Apprenticeship. She has excellent knowledge and practice. Her employer thinks highly of Emma and has often said they could not cope without her. Emma is keen to learn and shares her passion and knowledge of working with children who have additional needs with her peers, which supports them in their practice.

🏅 Bev Harratt

Level 2 Customer Service Practitioner

Bev embodies the phrase ‘Skills for Life’. She is so determined to improve her skills and prospects. Bev studied Early Years with us a few years ago but wanted to challenge herself to learn a new set of skills within Customer Service. Her biggest achievement, as she will tell you, is passing her Level 2 maths after years of studying and sheer determination.

Bev takes on all the challenges that come with her job – building great relationships with her internal and external customers and expanding her knowledge in the sector. Bev does an amazing job juggling being an awesome mum, as well as being an awesome Apprentice and we’re very proud of her.

🏅 Chelsie Webster

Level 3 Early Years Educator

Chelsie is an extremely passionate and dedicated Apprentice who puts her heart into all she does. Not only does she continually go above and beyond in her written work, but she also contributes to discussions, challenges expectations and questioning at a high level. Furthermore, in our group sessions she supports her peers, celebrates their successes, motivates and supports them, which is shown in her workplace too – a quality of a good team player and leader! 

In practice, she is a highly valued member of her team, and goes above and beyond to always give the best learning opportunities for the children she is working with. Chelsie always thinks outside the box to ensure every individual child’s needs are met. 

Chelsie is a model student and no doubt she will go on to achieve tremendous things within the Early Years sector.

🏅 Florence Stanley

Level 3 Teaching Assistant

Florence has worked hard to complete a Traineeship and attended a work placement. She then applied for an Apprenticeship role and was successful. Florence has been on the Level 3 Apprenticeship since September 2022 and is up to date with all her work and assignments. She is also studying for her Level 2 maths, which means attending extra sessions one evening a week.

🏅 Holly Edwards

Level 3 Business Administration

Holly has been consistent throughout her programme, producing quality evidence and owning her learning. She has made tremendous growth in personal confidence, as well as developing in role with great opportunities in the workplace. She has been recognised at work for her skills and positive attitude with the offer of a permanent position. Holly is a conscientious and hard working Apprentice.

🏅 Laura Busch

Traineeship – Childcare

Laura has been very motivated while on the Traineeship programme. She tries her best in each session and has a very good attendance rate. Laura works very hard in the classroom and work placement, overcoming the challenge of having English as a second language.

We have received glowing reports from Kaleidoscope Nursery, where Laura is currently doing her Traineeship. They have mentioned that Laura’s performance and engagement with the children has been very good, and she has been offered an Apprenticeship once she has passed her English and maths exams.

🏅 Laura Bazeley

Level 3 Teaching Assistant

If ever there was a star SS&L student, Laura would be that! She’s a busy mum who decided she wanted to change her life and is near the end of her course now.

She works at Dundry Primary, a tiny village school up on a hill near Bristol Airport. It is part of a very close-knit community and Laura has forged fantastic relationships with children and families at that crucial stage – reception class where children take their very first steps into school life.

She clearly has all the qualities of a top-class educator working in reception class alongside her class teacher, and you would think she had been there forever. She has positive relationships with all – her classmates respect her, her colleagues in school sing her praises and as a learner she has worked consistently hard to complete her work to a really high standard.

After she completes Apprenticeship she will be staying at the school as a full-time member of staff and for us she has been a real find!

🏅 Willow Cregan

Traineeship – Teaching Assistant

Willow has been working very hard over the past few months, both in the classroom and in her work placement, showing excellent commitment. She contributes to everything in the classroom and has been involved in lots of peer to peer learning to help others.

Willow has been working very hard in her work placement, where she has been improving every day. The school would like to offer Willow an Apprenticeship opportunity once she achieves her Level 2 maths.

🏅 Chloe Turner

Level 3 Early Years Educator

Chloe is an excellent Apprentice. She completes all her work on time and to a very high standard. Chloe is able to take her learning and put it into practice in her job role. Her dedication to the children she works with shines through everything that she does. 

🏅 Gabby Cook

Level 2 Early Years Practitioner

Gabby is an outstanding Apprentice! From the beginning of her course, Gabby has always met deadlines, participated excellently in the sessions and has completed additional tasks to support her own learning and development.

Her attendance is great, and she shows a real enthusiasm to learn. 

In the workplace, Gabby is a valued member of the team. She puts knowledge into practice and always strives to create the best environment for the children in her care. She plans to progress to Level 3, and we know that she will excel on the course due to her commitment, positive attitude and desire to learn.

🏅 Catherine Thompson

Level 3 Teaching Assistant

Catherine is making fantastic progress with her Apprenticeship. She puts maximum effort into her coursework and makes valuable contributions to sessions. Her employer is delighted with how committed she is and feels that she always goes above and beyond.

🏅 Megan Taylor-McCaffery


Megan always gives 100%. Her attendance rate is high, she always completes her work to the best of her ability and is very responsive to all the class activities. She recently passed her English Level 2 Functional Skills and has had very positive feedback from her employers at the music venue where she works.

Megan found school very difficult, leaving without qualifications. After taking part in the Prince’s Trust scheme, she was confident enough to return to education and start work experience where her confidence has gone from strength to strength.

We hope National Apprenticeship Week 2023 inspires you to discover skills for life, whether for yourself, someone you know or an employee! If you have any questions, please contact one of our team on 0330 332 7997, use Live Chat below or complete the contact us form.   

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