Shaping the future of skills in Devon & Somerset

We are working with Dorset and Somerset Training Provider Network (DSTPN), who are partnering with the Devon and Somerset Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP). The partnership’s aim is to work with employers to help supply a better skills provision in Devon and Somerset…

What is the Devon and Somerset LSIP?

The Devon and Somerset Local Skills Improvement Plan (LSIP) aims to work with employers and education providers in Devon and Somerset to make sure the skills system produces a workforce that matches their needs. The Plan will help education establishments adjust their curriculum on the advice of employers to create ‘ready to work’ potential employees.

LSIPs will set out the key priorities needed to make technical education and skills provision more responsive to the changing needs of employers and the local economy by:

  • ensuring a better match between the supply of and demand for the skills employers most need to thrive and boost productivity, as well as helping to drive greater collaboration between providers to realise the benefits of economies of scale and specialisation.
  • making provision more accessible and addressing barriers to progression, especially for the adult workforce, such as driving greater join-up between skills offers, including work programmes.
  • recognise that improving the supply of skills must be accompanied by demand-side measures that drive greater employer engagement and investment in skills and support potential learners through effective careers guidance.

Your opinion matters

LSIP want to hear from employers in Devon and Somerset – so please take a few minutes out of your day to have your say…

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You can learn more about the initiative by downloading their flyer below…