Does maths homework cause havoc in your home?

Do you dread your children’s maths homework as much as they do? As a parent or carer, it can be frustrating not knowing how to help them, when they need it most…

Taking our FREE* Helping Your Children With Their Maths GCSE course not only enables you to help them, but you’ll become more confident with numbers and how to use them.

Maths is a compulsory subject at school and your children have to sit GCSE exams, regardless of how challenging they find them. Being able to support them with their homework, and clearly explain calculations can significantly improve their chances of success. Our course gives you all the tools you need, and in just five weeks, you’ll be far more prepared to offer that all-important help.

Have you heard of maths anxiety?

While the course focuses on the main areas needed to pass a maths GCSE, it also covers maths anxiety. While you might not have heard of it, maths anxiety is a real thing. And very common! Have a look at the symptoms below, and see if any are familiar:

• Feeling panicky and stressed when you’re faced with maths problems

• Not being able to focus on the sums or numbers

• Your heart rate speeding up

• Feeling sweaty and sick

• Avoiding anything to do with maths

If you’re nodding your head at these, the chances are you suffer from maths anxiety. It might be worth checking in with your children to see if they feel the same way.

But no problem – we’re here to help!

Taking the misery out of maths

The good news is that our Helping Your Children With Their Maths GCSE course can help you deal with maths anxiety This could be the biggest obstacle to getting your head around maths. Maths anxiety has got nothing to do with how intelligent you are – it can hide your true ability. It can be down to a number of reasons such as:

• Having a bad experience with maths at school

• Being made to feel stupid for not understanding

• Feeling uncomfortable in high pressure situations, such as exams

By taking this course, you can stop maths anxiety getting in the way, and help your kids with confidence.

Is maths that important?

For many people, maths is a boring subject. However, many jobs require a maths GCSE and it also opens doors to further education and university. By helping your children pass a maths GCSE, you’re helping them enhance their future. Our course aims to make maths fun, while giving you the confidence and skills you need.

Take the horror out of homework and the stress out of study! Give your kids the support they need – it’ll make life easier for them and you. Our free* courses run in various locations – explore here…

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