Trainee of the month - March 2021

Our trainee of the month winner for March is Kristian – congratulations!

Kristian started his placement in December at ATS in Chard. He has made a real impression on the team, initially approaching the organisation himself, speaking to both the head office and branch manager to help secure his placement.

He’s currently taking his Functional Skills Level 2 in both English and maths. Kristian has a real passion for maths, but finds he struggles with English so he’s been focusing on that and completing a lot of his own work between sessions. Due to his love of maths Kristian is happy to help others who are finding it difficult.

In the workplace he volunteered to complete four days a week in order to get used to a working week and get the most out of the relatively short time he will be there. As well as working almost full time, Kristian completes his work, is making excellent progress and expected to do well in his upcoming exams.

He is such an inspiration and there are so many reasons Kristian has been chosen to receive this award. We wish him every success in his exams and future career!


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