What can you learn this February?

Across Somerset and B&NES (Bath & North East Somerset), our free* community learning courses and workshops are designed to support you to develop new skills, build confidence, motivation and resilience. Our goal is to support health and wellbeing and to develop stronger communities. 

This February we’re focusing on your health & wellbeing, self development and career support, so treat yourself to some self care and take steps towards a better future…

Health & Wellbeing

Mental Health Awareness Course  – online on 5 February.

5 Ways to Wellbeing – online on 8 February.

How to Get Better Sleep – online on 8 February.

Caring for Yourself in Times of Uncertainty – online on 15 February.

Managing Wellbeing whilst Working from Home – online on 15 February.

A Beginners Guide to Being in the Moment –  online on 19 February.

Winter Wellbeing –  online on 22 February.

Self Development 

Introduction to Developing Personal Confidence and Self-Awareness – online on 12 February.

Developing Assertive Communication and Behaviours – online on 16 February.

Effective Time Management – online on 22 February.

Developing Emotional Resilience – online on 26 February.

Career Support 

Making a Start with your CV – online on 25 February.

Finding and Applying for Jobs – online on 25 February. 

The Interview Stage – online on 26 February.

Childcare and Teaching 

Sensory Exploration – online on 17 February.

Health & Social Care 

Interactive Playdough Making – online on 11 February.

Health and Social Care Taster Session – online on 19 February. 

Business Admin

Introduction to the Principles of Business Admin – online on 9 February.


GCSE English & maths – secure your place for September 2021.

*Our Community Learning Workshops and Courses are free if you’re aged 19+, live in Somerset or BANES and have lived in the UK for the last three years.