Community Learning

We aim to maximise access to community learning across Somerset

We partner with, and provide funding for, community groups who deliver a wide range of community programmes. Our dedicated community learning partnership team aim is to facilitate and support groups in the work they do across Somerset.


What project and activities will we support?

Our programme aims to maximise access to community learning across Somerset. We support activities and projects that: 

  • Work with people who are disadvantaged and least likely to participate in learning, including those from deprived areas and disadvantaged groups.
  • Widen participation and transform people’s futures by supporting progression.
  • Build stronger communities, to encourage more self-sufficient, connect and engaged citizens.

We believe in building stronger communities

We passionately believe that in developing stronger communities, we will see:

  • Increased volunteering, civic engagement and social integration.
  • Reduced costs on welfare, health and anti-social behaviour.
  • Increased online learning and self-organised learning.
  • The lives of our most troubled families being turned around.
  • People from all backgrounds, cultures and income groups, coming together.

Impressive stats:

  • 82 community learning projects delivered in 2019
  • 56 local community partners
  • 6,000 learners reached and engaged

Our participants reported:

  • Improved mental health
  • Improved physical health
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Development of personal skills
  • Increased involvement in local community
  • Improved social relationships

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Are you an organisation helping to build communities and improve wellbeing through learning initiatives?

If so, we may be able to help fund your projects or initiatives, provided the intended outcomes contribute to building stronger communities. Find out how to apply for funding, send us a message or call us on 0330 332 7997.

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