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Apply for project funding

Are you an organisation helping to build communities and improve well-being through learning initiatives? If so, we may be able to help fund your projects or initiatives, provided the intended outcomes contribute to building stronger communities.


What funding is available?

Community learning partnership funding is provided by the Education Skills Funding Agency and encourages applications that meet specific needs gaps that have been identified across Somerset.

What activities and projects do we fund?

We consider funding project which set out to develop learning opportunities in Somerset, with a focus on the most disadvantaged areas and under-represented demographic groups.

What organisations are eligible for funding?

We look to fund organisations that provide new learning opportunities for residents from any part of Somerset, who are disadvantaged and are least likely to participate in learning, including rural communities and people on low income with minimal skills and qualifications.

How can you apply for funding?

You can contact any member of the community learning partnership team to discuss your project and possible funding opportunities, send us a message or call 0330 332 7997 to discuss further.

Send us a message0330 332 7997


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