Lose Weight, Gain Empowerment - 6 week course - Developer

  • Day:Tuesday
  • Time:10:30 - 12:00
  • Duration:6 sessions
  • Start:16/04/2024

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Course overview

Weight loss can be something we feel we “should do”. And we might have tried many ways, different diets, slimming products and still not have had the success we were hoping for.

This course is different.

This course will support you to better understand how to lose weight whilst gaining empowerment, self-confidence, food inspiration and more. We will combine nutrition, health education, food label literacy, empowerment coaching for powerful and gradual lifestyle change that suits you.

If you would like to lose weight that stays off and connect with a supportive group over 6 weeks then this is the course for you.

You will also be eligible for a fully funded coaching session after attending the first 4 weeks of the course.

As a small group we will meet on Zoom each week for 6 weeks for a 1.5 hour workshop tailored to your wellbeing journey.

If you would like to join the course simply click to book your space below. The week before we begin you will be sent your welcome including a short questionnaire which must be completed to be able to join the course.

When you’re ready to start the course I’ll send a suggested shopping list to help get you started with some of the low cost herbs and spices that will be recommended on the course.

“I found it incredibly informative and useful. I would say that I had very limited tools to deal with a lifetime of emotional eating before the session. It's really useful to have some tools that I can put straight into practice.” A, course completer 2022

You are welcome to join this course if you want to lose weight and feel great about it.

What you can expect support with:


-emotional eating


-mindful eating

-empowered relationship with food

-tools for emotional self care

If you want to meet Elle before the course starts you can find her on Facebook and Instagram @harmonywithinorg

Previous Participants have said:

“Elle's courses are so motivating and informative”

“I’m more confident in understanding food labels and making positive choices.”

“I now feel armed with the knowledge to make the best decisions which reduces my stress around meal planning”

“I feel very well informed and confident to pass on healthy recommendations to friends who are also adopting some of the recommendations”

Course assessment

There are no formal assessments for this course. The tutor will give regular feedback to help you improve.

Course progression

This workshop is part of the Harmony Within, Thriving in Somerset Program. You are welcome to join Elle to deepen your understanding of nutrition whilst gaining tools and skills for supporting your fulfilling and satisfying life.

You can find the program schedule and booking links on

or contact Elle

Thriving in Somerset Program

Taster Sessions

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Boosting Energy Levels: Where To Start?

Improving Mood & Wellbeing: Where To Start?

Empowered Nutrition Workshops

Understanding Carbohydrates: Mood, Sugar and Healthy Weight

Understanding Fats: Healthy Weight and Preventing Type II Diabetes

Understanding Protein: How To build Muscle & Lower Cholesterol Naturally

Understanding Micronutrients: Healing and Repair in the Body

Understanding the Gut Microbiome: Gut Health for Mental Health

Enhancer Courses

Lose Weight, Gain Empowerment 6-week course

Enjoying the Menopause 6-week course

Reclaim your Energy 6-week course

Feel Good Being You 6-week course to improve mood and reduce anxiety, depression & stress

At the end of this course, if you’d like to continue with your learning in this subject, you’ll be able to progress onto our Enhancer Level workshop or course.

Our workshops and courses are designed to provide essential skills, develop confidence and resilience, improve your health & wellbeing, prepare you for further learning or employment, provide ways to learn with your family and build communities. We have a wide range of workshops and courses and you can explore more on our website. There’s something for everyone! 

Need to know…

Entry Requirements:

To join this course you need yourself, your curiosity and access to Zoom. You are welcome to have your microphone and camera off if you prefer after an ID check has been confirmed.

This course is suitable if you have completed our Starter Level in this subject, within a similar subject area, or have previous experience, and want to progress and explore this subject in more depth.

Fee information:

If you are aged 19+ AND are unemployed AND receive a benefit / your annual income is less than £25,000 per year AND live in Somerset (not including Bath & North East Somerset) AND you have lived in the UK/EU for the last 3 years OR you have refugee status / right to remain. *Please note – proof of eligibility will be requested during the enrolment process.

If you are aged 19+ AND your annual income is over £25,000 and live in Somerset OR you live in Bath & North East Somerset OR you live anywhere else in the UK. Some Community partners may not be able to accommodate learners from outside Somerset. This will be highlighted during enrolment.

Our funding rules have changed – how this affects you…
You can only enrol on ONE free* workshop/course at each level, e.g. one Taster, one Starter… and so on. Our new levels are designed to encourage you to learn and progress in your chosen area of interest. If you enrol on multiple workshops/courses at the same level, we’ll contact you to discuss (as there are exceptions), or you’ll be given the opportunity to pay for your place, (costs are detailed on each course page).

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