Understanding Autism - Starter

  • Day:Wednesday
  • Time:10:00 - 13:00
  • Duration:3 sessions
  • Start:10/01/2024

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Course overview

This course is for anyone wanting to extend their knowledge and awareness of autism and neurodiversity.

Each week you will learn about a different aspect of autism, including the key differences between the brains of neurotypical and autistic individuals, how autism affects executive functioning skills and how autism and anxiety are linked. Gain insight into the various and individual strengths and challenges experienced by autistic individuals through each of these sessions:

· Autism and Executive Function

· The Autistic Brain

· Autism and Anxiety

During the course you will learn new ways of supporting others and/or managing your own experiences of anxiety and/or executive function challenges and discover the different ways these challenges might manifest for people on the autism spectrum.

Course assessment

There is no formal assessment for this course. Your tutor will provide regular feedback.

Course progression

At the end of this course, if you’d like to continue with your learning in this subject, you’ll be able to progress onto our Developer Level workshop or course.

You can progress on to our “Further Understanding Autism” Developer course once you have completed this course. See the SS&L website for more details.

Our workshops and courses are designed to provide essential skills, develop confidence and resilience, improve your health & wellbeing, prepare you for further learning or employment, provide ways to learn with your family and build communities. We have a wide range of workshops and courses and you can explore more on our website. There’s something for everyone! 

Need to know…

Entry Requirements:

This course is suitable if you’re a beginner and want to learn about this subject, and you don’t have relevant knowledge or experience.

This is an online course and you will need access to zoom to participate.

Fee information:

If you are aged 19+ AND are unemployed AND receive a benefit / your annual income is less than £25,000 per year AND live in Somerset (not including Bath & North East Somerset) AND you have lived in the UK/EU for the last 3 years OR you have refugee status / right to remain. *Please note – proof of eligibility will be requested during the enrolment process.

If you are aged 19+ AND your annual income is over £25,000 and live in Somerset OR you live in Bath & North East Somerset OR you live anywhere else in the UK. Some Community partners may not be able to accommodate learners from outside Somerset. This will be highlighted during enrolment.

Our funding rules have changed – how this affects you…
You can only enrol on ONE free* workshop/course at each level, e.g. one Taster, one Starter… and so on. Our new levels are designed to encourage you to learn and progress in your chosen area of interest. If you enrol on multiple workshops/courses at the same level, we’ll contact you to discuss (as there are exceptions), or you’ll be given the opportunity to pay for your place, (costs are detailed on each course page).

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10:00 - 13:00
3 sessions

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