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Support a trainee and bring a fresh approach to your business

Your business could help someone aged 16-24 gain skills, knowledge and the confidence to secure an apprenticeship, get into work, or prepare for further education. Could you offer a traineeship to someone studying with Somerset Skills and Learning?


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What is a traineeship?

Latest news

For the first time ever, the government will provide a £1,000 payment for any employer taking on a trainee. Our straightforward guide will ensure you understand how to apply for and receive your incentive payment.

In further exciting news, we’ve transformed our traineeship scheme into a unique, brand new offer, to make traineeships even more appealing to young people and employers.  Not only that, we are now providing traineeships in Wiltshire, as well as Somerset.

The new traineeship framework consists of two key areas; financial incentives paid by SS&L to trainees whilst on placement and specialist certifications and training to align their skills to your sector area. To read more about this pioneering new offer visit our news article.

If you think you can offer an opportunity for a high quality work placement with training to a young person, contact us to find out how we can support you. You can call us on 0330 332 7997, email us at enquiries@sslcourses.co.uk or start a live chat below.


An SS&L traineeship is a course with work experience that gets someone ready for work, an apprenticeship or further study. It normally lasts between six weeks and six months. Traineeships are open to people aged 16-24 who work less than 16 hours a week (or are unemployed) with little or no work experience and are qualified up to level 3.

What businesses can offer a trainee position?

Any business can offer a work placement to support a trainee. We can help match our trainees to your vacancies. We have had trainees working in construction, care, animal care, childcare, car mechanics, hairdressing and many more! If you think you could offer a traineeship placement in your business – contact us.

What are the benefits to the employer?

Not only will you be supporting someone with their future career plans, but there are huge benefits to your business, such as:

  • Offers your current employees experience in training and mentoring.
  • Helps contribute towards increasing your capacity and productivity of your business.
  • Helps towards developing a loyal and talented workforce.
  • Gives you the opportunity to establish an apprenticeship role following the completion of the traineeship.
  • Demonstrates your organisation’s support for your community.

What are the responsibilities of the employer?

When taking on a trainee you need be able to provide a genuine work experience role that is meaningful and high quality. You will also need to provide constructive feedback to the trainee during their placement and advice to support them carry out the role.

What happens at the end of the traineeship?

Traineeships offer an opportunity for someone to get into the world of work and you may choose to interview them for an apprenticeship or permanent role with your business. Many of our trainees go on to take up apprenticeships, move onto further education and others are now in full time work.

To see the impact your business could have on someone aged 16-24 looking for a traineeship, take a look at how Jess and Ethan progressed from a traineeship to an apprenticeship.

Provide a placement

If you can offer a trainee work experience in your business as part of their traineeship, we would love to hear from you. Our trainees are aged 16-24 and want to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to secure an apprenticeship, get into work, or prepare for further education and a traineeship can help them get there.

Provide a placement0330 332 7997


Traineeships at a glance:

  • A course with work experience.
  • Employer payment of £1,000 per trainee until 31 July 2022*.
  • Two to four days a week work placement.
  • Trainees will work alongside your experienced staff.
  • Open to 16 – 24 year olds**.
  • Six weeks to six months.
  • Tutor support for employer and trainee.
  • Financial incentives for SS&L trainees (aged 16-18).
  • 7 specialist work sectors, plus a universal offer.
  • Available in Somerset and Wiltshire.

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*Subject to criteria.

**25 for those with an Education, Health and Care Plan (EHCP).


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