IT & Digital Skills

Future-proof your life and career with digital skills

Think you’re good with computers? You might be surprised. Although most of us use tech every day, many of us don’t have a formal qualification to prove our level of ability. So how can you show employers how IT literate you are?


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IT & Digital Skills

Digital skills are amongst those that are most sought after by employers and can help you progress in work and boost your job prospects. At least 82%1 of online advertised jobs across the UK require some level of digital skills. This figure highlights the importance of having an up to date digital skillset. And the good news is, roles requiring digital skills pay 29%2 more than those that don’t.

We’ve worked hard to develop digital skills courses to give you the chance to enhance your skills and improve your job prospects. 

What does it cover?

To tackle the skills gap, we’re offering funded digital skills courses for all adults. These support digital skills needed for life and work.

What’s in it for me?

Improving your digital skills will open up a world of opportunity and equip you for your future life and work. Learning how to access public services, communicate effectively and manage money online have all become vital life skills. If you’re a parent, improving your digital skills will enable you to help your children with their education.

Did you know that the number of digital jobs has grown almost three times as quickly as other occupations in recent years?3 Our courses will help you get a job or progress in your career.

What qualities do I need to succeed?

Our courses are available to anyone who is 19+. You need basic keyboard skills and a good level of literacy. The most important thing is that you want to learn and are prepared to commit the time to study.

What support will I get?

Following an initial assessment with your tutor, the course will be tailored for your needs, including the content and course length. You’ll receive support from your personal tutor and be given access to a variety of resources.

Why should I choose SS&L as my training provider?

At Somerset Skills & Learning, we pride ourselves on having a team of some of the most experienced and professional tutors in the county. We offer daytime, evening and distance learning classes in most of our subjects, to enable you to fit your studies around daily life. Our small class sizes make us a preferred option for many seeking more one-to-one tutor support.

I’ve qualified – what next?

Courses are available to help you progress to the next level. Your tutor will discuss your options for progression with you.

When and where will I be learning?

Our digital skills courses run online and in centres across Somerset. All courses and qualifications courses can be started at anytime. We ensure you get all the support you need throughout your course in the form of a personal tutor.


1No Longer Optional: Employer Demand for Digital Skills Government Report June 2019

2No Longer Optional: Employer Demand for Digital Skills Government Report June 2019

3Tech Nation 2016 – Transforming UK Industries


IT & Digital Skills at a glance

  • Free courses*.
  • Start at any time.
  • Distance or face to face learning.
  • Full tutor support.
  • Suitable for a range of abilities.
  • Taster sessions and workshops.

*Eligibility applies

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